Pia Toscano for "You'll Be King" Video


Larsen Thompson for Indie Magazine


Check out Larsen Thompson dancing for Indie Mag

Quadron music video


Here's Quadron's music video "Avalanche". What an amazing chance to do Coco's hair for this, she's a true artist in every sense, and a dream to work with! We came to the idea of creating a late 60s vibe, taking advantage of her own hair texture I enhanced the wave to make it appear a bit vintage, leaving the bend a little random and whimsical. I created volume at the crown to seal the deal and brought both sides up. It resulted in pure charm! Check it out! 


Love this Woman...


How could any girl not know her. Her fashion sense speaks volumes, from preppy fresh to romantic and lazy in one shirt switch! Here I worked on the Fashion Blogger issue for Foam magazine with Julie Sarinana, also known as Sincerely Jules (@sincerelyjules). That day she had told me she reached 100,000 followers on Instagram - it's clear she's doing something right. Now, at 1.1M followers she's sitting on top of Fashion Blogger's world! I transformed her hair in several different ways and really enjoyed working with her creatively to achieve the total looks below, what a dream! Enjoy the hair, I sure did...!!!

The Bachelor's Catherine Giudici's new sexy look


What a fun experience transforming Catherine's lovely hair into a new revamped look to ring in her marriage to Sean Lowe! She was the sweetest and couldn't have been more excited to rock it, thanks Catherine! Check out some of our photos together after the look was finished! @catherinegiudici @jenloura

Hair Magic!


Read on for tips on how to use one of my favorite hair products: SachaJuan Volume Hair Powder! And also check out my other colleague's picks! 

2014 SAG Awards


I had the honor of working with L'Oreal this award season! Here is a great feature of the products I used when I created the sleek look for Katrina Bowden at the 2014 SAG Awards! What a blast and an awesome opportunity to be part of! 

The Doctors Show


I received a call to do a short segment on my expertise on the hazards of 'hair twirling' on CBS's The Doctors Show. The feedback on this has been amazing, my email was loaded with questions from so many women (and yes, men too) on what tips they can use to help stop their nervous tick. Stress of all levels can manifest itself physically on our appearance. Instead of using your locks to alleviate boredom/stress/anxiety, get out there and move your body, sing your heart out and laugh!

Your hair's health is not worth leaving in shreds over any stressful situation. The next time you twirl your hair, just picture yourself gaining another unwanted pound. ...I bet I just cured your addiction! Email me with questions/comments, I would love to hear your thoughts info@jenniferloura.com